Arbok Arbok
Tipo: Poison
Nivel: Unknown.
Evoluciones: Ekans, Arbok
Ataques: Moves:

Bite - m1 - level 30

Poison Fang - m2 - level 30

Sting Gun - m3 - level 30

Pin Missile - m4 - level 35

Acid - m5 - level 30

Iron Tail - m6 - level 38

Fear - m7 - level 40

Rage - m8 - level 35
Fuerte a: Grass
Devil a: Psychic, Ground
Abilidades: Dig
Comportamiento: Unknown.
Precio: 2.5~4k
Notas: The pattern on its belly appears to be a frightening face. Weak foes will flee just at the sight of the pattern.
Loot: Bottle of poison, Tooth, Venom stone
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