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Pidgeotto.gif Pidgeotto
Tipo: Flying.png
Nivel: Unknown.
Evoluciones: Pidgey, Pidgeotto, Pidgeot
Ataques: Quick Attack - m1 - level 20

Sand Attack - m2 - level 20

Whirlwind - m3 - level 20

Drill Peck - m4 - level 20

Wing Attack - m5 - level 28

Tornado - m6 - level 50
Fuerte a: Bug, Fight, Earth
Devil a: Electric, Rock
Abilidades: None
Comportamiento: Unknown.
Precio: 1.2k~2k
Notas: It flies over its wide territory in search of prey, downing it with its highly developed claws.
Loot: Straw, Feather, Heart Stone