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Pikachu.gif Pikachu
Tipo: Electric.png
Nivel: Unknown.
Evoluciones: Pikachu, Raichu
Ataques: Moves:

Quick Attack - m1 - level 20

Thunder Shock - m2 - level 20

Thunder Bolt - m3 - level 22

Thunder Wave - m4 - level 24

Iron Tail - m5 - level 26

Thunder - m6 - level 40

Agility - m7 - level 30

Electric Charge - passive
Fuerte a: Water, Flying
Devil a: Ground
Abilidades: Light
Comportamiento: Unknown.
Precio: 5~15k
Notas: It stores electricity in the electric sacs on its cheeks. When it releases pent-up energy in a burst, the electric power is equal to a lightning bolt.
Loot: Electric box, Pikachu doll